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Lava Springs

  • High School Musical 2 Cast

St. George, UT - Nearly 300 clubhouses around the United States were considered for the setting of Disney's television movie High School Musical 2. The production company, Salty Pictures of Salt Lake City, selected the Entrada at Snow Canyon Golf and Country Club for its unique architecture and stunning red-rock backdrops.

The Clubhouse at Entrada, which blends naturally with the surrounding geography, has won several awards for its design. The verdant fairways of the golf course set in fields of black lava rock, the rust-colored sandstone back-drops and the azure skies of southern Utah make for a color combination that is not often seen in television or movies.

Corbin Bleu, who played Chad in High School Musical 2, said he loved the color combination found at Entrada. In a Disney interview, Corbin described his awe with the landscape. “…you see the volcanic black rocks…The pool couldn't be bluer and the rocks couldn't be redder and the grass couldn't be greener.”

Monique Coleman, who plays Taylor in High School Musical 2, was very impressed with the scenery in St. George. Coleman said the film was shot in “quite possibly, one of the most beautiful locations imaginable.” In his Disney interview, Zac Efron, who plays Troy, agreed with Monique, saying “Saint George is a beautiful place.”

The storyline for High School Musical 2 focuses on the characters working at a country club during their summer break from school. Many scenes for the movie are centered around the clubhouse, sports center, swimming pool, and the Entrada golf course. The cast spent a lot of their free time at the pool. “We had a great experience hosting the entire cast and crew,” says Rob Demore, General Manager of Entrada. “The cast was completely overwhelmed with our scenic setting and the amenities that we offer here.” -

While filming in St. George, the cast stayed in casitas atThe Inn at Entrada.

Zac liked to skateboard in the driveway of his casita and watch Dancing with the Stars with Vanessa on the TV in the resort's lobby. Chris Warren Jr. was big on ordering out for pizza. And the whole crew hit the pool as much as possible. "They'd always come out and sunbathe, just play around," says Carson Graff, the clerk at the pool cafe, where Ashely ordered hot dogs, while Corbin tended to be a turkey sandwich man. Says Graff: "They were all really nice people." - People Magazine