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What is Pickleball?
Pickleball is the the fastest growing sport in the nation. If you have never seen or heard of it, you soon will. It is a hybrid sport of tennis and ping pong, with a few key differences. The game is played on a court that is about half the size of a tennis court — or the same size as a badminton court. The net that stretches across the court is very similar to a tennis net, although it is slightly shorter. Just like most racquet or paddle sports, pickleball is generally played by two or four players. As in table tennis, pickleball is played with a paddle, not a racquet. The game is played on both indoor and outdoor courts, with the only variations in the balls and the playing surface. Outdoor courts are often made by converting old tennis courts, thus having the same, rough texture.

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Pro Workouts & Drills
Improve your Pickleball Game significantly in just hours working directly with our Pros.

Pickleball enthusiasts of all ability levels come to learn from the PUREPickleball's Pros, Tim Finger, Joel Brown, from our Entrada Pickleball Lessons for adults and children. Our pickleball lessons will provide you with daily one-on-one clinics and professional analysis including a series of imaginative drills designed by the legendary Tim Finger and Joel Brown and taught by our staff of pros, among others. Additionally our team offers healing, stretching, and melting.

About PUREPickleball Pros at Entrada.
Tim Finger is a former #1 Ranked Player in the Nation in Pickleball (former #1). Pickleball Gold Medalist 8 consecutive years at the Huntsman World Senior Games. Former Ex Touring Tennis Professional. Joel Brown is also a gold Medalist in numerous pickleball tournaments and a top player in the nation.

PUREPickleball Lessons at Entrada Rate Sheet

Private Lesson One-on-one with Tim Finger -- $75 per hour 
Group Lesson with Tim Finger -- $200 per hour per player maximum of 20 players
Group Playing Lesson  with Tim Finger -- $100 per hour ( Min. 2 hour lesson with 3-4 players)                                                                                                                                      Family Special -- $100 per hour 4- 8 players

These lessons may be booked with any Front Desk Agent at the same time you book your room. 

During your time at our Entrada Pickleball Lessons, you will get stronger, play longer and learn how to react instinctively to the ball. Our top caliber coaches will use their vast experience and knowledge of the game to help you master the techniques, tactics and strategies you’ll need to take your game to the next level. Using your own natural style, we will help you develop the stamina, speed, agility and endurance you need to play at your very best.

PUREPickleball Lessons at Entrada is known for pushing players hard on court while pampering them off court at our acclaimed restaurants, swimming pools, fitness center, and spa. For information or to book your Pickleball Lessons at Entrada, call Brittney at 435.634.7100 or by email at You may also contact Tim Finger at 435.319.9005 or by email at

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

-- Tim Finger